Manly Macrame

My DIY tyvek moleskine wallet. Made from a postal envelope.

Look at this on eBay:

Paracord Sling Bag/Backpack I made

Ammo pouch

New paracord pouch in black.

Mike’s bag of holding with a ManlyMacrame Grab Handle. Thanks Mike!

Mike’s bag of holding. With a ManlyMacrame grab handle.

Thanks Mike!

Tan/black grab handle for Maxpedition colossus. eBay:

Paracord pouch, khaki/foliage

$20 on Ebay:

Paracord pouch (or purse) by Manlymacrame
On ebay:

You you have any tutorials of your projects? I especially like the paracord belt!

I don’t, but a lot of others do. I especially like Tying It All Together on YouTube. I took one of his tutorials and worked it out into a belt design that I regularly use. Thanks for your comments!